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Radiology Dept.

Digital X-ray “DUA-900A Fluorex – Toshiba.  The department is equipped with modern radiology equipments including X-ray machines with closed TV circuits and portable X-ray machines for in-patient service. 


Ultrasonography units provide services for antenatal care, abdominal, breast and thyroid diseases without the risk of X-ray exposure.  Ultrasound unit with Color Flow and Duplex Doppler U.S.  General Electric Logic 7 Machine supplied with 7 transducers.



Multi C.T.Scan 16 Slice “BrightSpeed” with high resolution.  CT Scan was introduced in our hospital in 1989.  It is one of the accurate diagnostic equipments operated under the strict supervision of Consultant Radiologists and competent Radiology Technologist.




MRI Signa HDE of GE, the most advanced superconductive MRI system 1.5 Tesla designed to meet the expanding role of MRI in today’s clinical environment.  The machine is provided with extended coil to examine whole spines without moving or repositioning the patient.  It has the capability to do cervical and intracranial angiography as well as peripheral and aortic MR angiography.  A new software for MRI brain perfusion and diffusion (functional study) is provided.



MELODY Mammography unit is a very high-performing diagnostic X-ray equipment for the execution of X-ray examination of the breast (Mammography) with all the techniques currently used in clinical diagnostic application