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Patients and Visitors Services

Working Hours:

Regular 8:00 AM  to  12:00 Noon
4:00 PM  to    8:00 PM
Emergency Room 24 Hours A Day

 Visiting Hours:

Working days

10.00 AM to  02.00 PM
06.00 PM to 10:00 PM

Friday 10.00 AM to  10:00 PM
Ramadan days

12.00 Noon  to 03:00 PM
08:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight

Pediatric Unit
(All days)

10:00 AM to  10:00 PM

12:00 Noon  to  1:00 PM
06:00 PM to  07:00 PM

(Subject to patientís condition and        permission from doctor).



Aims at giving the best medical service.  Main focus is on health and patient satisfaction.  Pharmacy is having 3 main divisions:

  • Outpatient division
  • E. R. Pharmacy division
  • Inpatient (Unit-Dose system) division

The operating hours of the pharmacy is:

From 8.00 AM to 12 Midnight  (Outpatient division)
From 12 Midnight to 8.00 AM
  (E.R. Pharmacy division)

Highly qualified pharmacists play important roll in the pharmacy work.  The achievement of pharmacy goals is facilitated by:

  • Pharmacists well trained in computer application.
  • Continuous education programs such as:
    • Hospitalís Sunday lecture meetings
    • Medical Representativeís lecture program
    • Lectures by Pharmacist staff (Drug review program).
    • Therapeutic Magazine published monthly from the Pharmacy.

The future plan is to include an I.V. Room for T.P.N. and I.V. fluids mixing).  

Worship Area: 

We have two Mosques; one is available in the outpatient area for the ambulatory patients and their companions.

Another one is available in the inpatient area to be used by the visitors and staff.

Dietary Services:   

Nutritional assessment and dietary instructions are available as per doctorís recommendation.

Hot meals served to patients and attendants at the following times:

Breakfast         6.30 AM    -   7.30 AM
Lunch             11.00 AM    -   1.00 PM  
Dinner              6.00 PM    -   8.00 PM

After mid-night meals are available in the kitchenettes (2nd floor and 3rd floor).

Room Service: 

Available from 5.00 AM to 12.00 Mid-night daily.

Based on the 2-weeks cycle menu.

Hot beverages are available at the OPD clinics during clinic hours (self-service). 

Hot beverages available at the In-patient building at the schedule:

8.00 AM   -    9.00  AM
3.00 PM   -    4.00  PM

Telephone Service:

Telephone extension available in all rooms. Direct line available on request, through the Telephone Operator.


Fully equipped ambulances are available to bring patients from their locations to the hospital.  Also it is made available to transfer patients to other medical facilities.  

Wheel Chairs:

Available for inpatient and outpatient departments to be used in the Hospital as well as on rent for shorter duration of treatment/ rehabilitation.  


24 hours security available.