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The hospital appoints mostly university professors and consultants to benefit from their vast experience and performance.

The medical staff numbers about 85 that include university professors, consultants and specialists from most of the specialties, who are eminent in their respective areas of practice.

An on-going arrangement with universities enables the hospital to attract best talents, and to offer expert specialty care without hindrance.

Recognizing the importance of continuously improving and upgrading staff skills the hospital implements continuous medical education program.  Scientific meetings, weekly lectures are held regularly which are attended also by members of the local medical staff community.

Several of our medical staffs are in the forefront in organizing various specialty clubs and their meetings.

The medical staffs are encouraged to conduct research works.  The hospital has an outstanding status in sponsoring medical research works since mid-seventies.  Several research works by our professors, consultants and staff have been published in national and international medical journals.