Medical Library / Research


Medical Library:

The hospital houses a medical library with hundred of books and several leading international and national medical journals that cover different branches of medicine, to support and stimulate research activities and continuous education programs.

Internet connection is available in the Library for the use of the staff.

Scientific Research Works:

MFH encourages medical research.  Scientific research in different aspects of medicine started in the hospital from mid-seventies.

The hospital is considered to be a leader in the region in scientific research activities.  The hospital has actively participated in most of the conferences and symposiums conduced in the Kingdom in addition to many international conferences.  More than 200 scientific research articles by our staff have so far been published in peer reviewed international journals in Europe, U.K., U.S.A., Japan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, with Dr. Samy El-Wany and Dr. Mohamed Kamel having made significant contribution in this effort.

The hospital has the great honor in successfully assisting Dr. Ahmed Bassiouny to discover a new method of treatment for skin leshmaniasis, which was difficult to treat by drugs.  This method was officially approved by the Ministry of Health and permitted to be practiced in all hospitals in the Kingdom.